About Us

Pt. (Dr.) Divakar Sharma was born as a Gaur Brahmin having Bharadwaj Gotra, Shasan-Himal Shikhar meaning the ancestry belongs to the great Rishi and Saint named Bharadwaj.

The authors family originally belonged to Nepal, his grandfather was a great freedom fighter named Pt. Hukam Chand Sharma, who was conferred with the title of Sahid-a-Ajam was a great disciple of Mother Goddess Durga ( Dakshin Kali) and Lord Shiva. Under the guidance of his maternal grandfather Pt. Purananand Sharma, who was the famous learned Royal Astrologer and his father Pt. Devki Nandan Sharma, who is a great Jyotishacharya, gained the knowledge of Jyotish, Vastu and other ancient scriptures. From a very young age of 8 years, Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma gained immense knowledge of Jyotish ( Astrology), Tantra (Vam Marg), Yog and since then he has authored numerous research papers nationally and internationally, written numerous columns in various local and national papers including various magazines. This great heritage has been with his family since last 18 generations.

Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma completed his education in medical field, but his life since childhood was influenced by the lifestyle of his maternal grandfather’s younger brother, Gaulok resident, Pt. Shri Ram Sharma who was famous Advocate from Saharanpur, U.P., was famous for his cow family protection and cow worship and hence under his influence, the author was attached to creature kindness and also being a student of Jain College, was highly influenced by the faith of Non-Violence principles. As a result Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma got attached to wild life conservation and protection and vegetarian movement. Since, then it has been 30 years of association with Wildlife Conservation and he has won some 25 awards nationally and internationally. As a result of this Creature and wildlife Protection Movement, Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma toured whole of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Himalayan range from Leh, Ladhak to North East states like Arunachal, Assam, etc. He has also been associated with Himalayan Tribes rehabilitation programme from time to time. Being in the Himalayan region and along with wildlife Protection he visited various religious and holy places/pilgrimages and religious ‘Siddh-Peeths’ (Spiritual Energy abodes) and due to this he had close contact with Himalayan resident ‘Yogi-Mediators’ and got the complete secret knowledge of great Indian ancient scriptures and various spiritual culture and traditional know how.

Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma has since then become famous and has achieved various milestones at international level in compassion and mercy towards wildlife creatures, Vegetarian life, Kindness and Protection for cow-family. He has great faith and devotion for his Guru Kaulacharaya Baba Kamraj. Due to his devotional service and worship towards his Guru he has been blessed with great knowledge in the field of Astrological Science, Vastu, Tantra, Tibet Tantra, Feng Shui and various other ancient science. This resulted in Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma being awarded and conferred with various international awards and prestigious titles like ‘Amchi’, which is given to him for having complete knowledge of Tibetan Tantra and Traditional Medicine. He has also been conferred with ‘Jyotish Tara’ ,‘Jyotish Martand’, ‘Jyotish Vachaspati’. Through out his life Pt.(Dr.) Divakar Sharma has been honoured with many international and national awards, Gold Medals, etc by most important and honoured personalities of different Nations.