When it comes to doing business, a proper combination of qualities like courage of taking the risk and having the required skill are considered as the most important factors of being a successful business person and the other major part of the success depends on an individual’s fate also.

Business in astrology plays a pivotal role in helping an individual to select an appropriate business sector. It is believed that every person has an area where he or she can attain successful outcomes from that particular venture. However, a successful business owner may fail due to some unforeseen events and during this time astrology can give them some fruitful advice. By properly analyzing an astrology chart for the source of income, it can be discovered that whether being in business would be beneficial or not.

Business or Service as per Astrology

There is nothing wrong in saying that while choosing a career, there is always a dilemma whether to opt for business or choose service. As per vedic astrology, if the position of the planet is not very good and is in 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10 and 11 th house of kundli, then service is said to be a very beneficial option.

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