Tantra is the application of cosmic sciences to attain spiritual ascendancy. It covers all the spiritual practices of the Hindus such as Pooja, Mantra, and Yoga etc. Tantra is practiced with an aim to enhance each and every aspect of human life. Tantra enables an individual to control anger, thirst, hatred and ego.

Taking a Glimpse of Tantric Approach to Life

When you have a tantric approach to life, then you have more energy available and it becomes very easy for you to relate to the present and to devote yourself. This means that your life becomes more enjoyable.  Moreover, this enables you to build energy, so that the decisions and choices you make in life are based on positive energy.

Astrology will always remain important in everyone’s life as it has the solution and remedy of all problems one face in his or her life. It is based on facts and the position of stars and their effects on life. This knowledge comes with several years of study and test. Pt. (Dr.) Divakar Sharma